10th International Conference on High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics
12-16 May 2014 Bordeaux (France)

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We are pleased to announce the 10th International Conference on High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics, to be held May 12-16, 2014 Bordeaux.

During the past decade, research teams around the world have developed astrophysics-relevant research utilizing high energy-density facilities such as intense lasers and z-pinches. Research is underway in many areas, such as compressible hydrodynamic mixing, strong shock phenomena, radiation flow, radiative shocks and jets, complex opacities, equations of state, superstrong magnetic fields, and relativistic plasmas.

All requests of participating at the HEDLA 2014 conference will be subject to the agreement of the competent authorities.



  • Plasma physics
  • Stellar explosions
  • Magnetized HED laboratory astrophysics
  • Astrophysical disks, jets, and outflows
  • Stellar, solar and nuclear astrophysics
  • Computations in HED physics
  • Radiative hydrodynamics
  • Warm dense matter


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  • Alessandra Benuzzi-Mounaix (Ecole Polytechnique, France),
  • Sylvie Cabrit (Observatoire Paris, France),
  • Dan Casey (Livermore, USA),
  • Pisin Chen (National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan),
  • Andrea Ciardi (Observatoire Paris, France),
  • Manoel Couder (Univ. Notre Dame, USA),
  • Samuel Falle (Univ. Leeds, UK),
  • Ricardo Fonseca (Univ. Lisbon, Portugal),
  • Matthias Gonzalez (CEA, France),
  • Gianluca Gregory (Oxford, UK),
  • Tristan Guillot (Observatoire Nice, France),
  • Patrick Hartigan (Univ. Rice, USA),
  • Patrick Hennebelle (CEA, France),
  • Will Henney (Univ. Mexico, Mexico),
  • Bart van der Holst (Univ. Michigan, USA),
  • Carolyn Kuranz (Univ. Michigan, USA),
  • Richard G. KRAUS (LLNL, USA),
  • Kosuke Kurosawa (Univ. Chiba, Japan),
  • Mike Montgomery (Univ. Texas, USA),
  • Shigehiro Nagataki (Riken, Japan),
  • Aake Nordlund (Niels Bohr Institute, Danemark)
  • Martin Obergaulinger (Univ. Valencia, Spain),
  • Arthur Pak (Livermore, USA),
  • Hyeon Park (Univ. Pohang, Korea),
  • William Rider (Sandia, USA),
  • Howard Scott (Livermore, USA),
  • Lee Suttle (Imperial College, UK),
  • Francisco Suzuki-Vidal (Imperial College, UK),
  • Robin Williams (AWE, UK),
  • Andrey Zhiglo (Kharkiv, Ukraine),
  • Jiayong Zhong (NAOC, China)


John Bally, James Bailey, Tony Bell, Paul Bellan, Nancy Brickhouse, Serge Bouquet (co-chair), Andrea Ciardi, Werner Dappen, Melissa Douglas, R. Paul Drake, Adam Frank, Patrick Hartigan, John Hillier, Hantao Ji, Michel Koenig, Yasuhiro Kuramitsu, Carolyn Kuranz, George Kyrala, Sergey Lebedev (chair), Yutong Li, Roberto Mancini, Mikhail Medvedev, Claire Michaut, Peter Norreys, Norimasa Ozaki, Tomasz Plewa, Marc Pound, Thomas Ray, Bruce Remington, Steven Rose, Dongsu Ryu, Youichi Sakawa, Luis Silva, James Stone, Hideaki Takabe, Feilu Wang, Michael Wiesher, Robin Williams


Serge Bouquet (chair), Andrea Ciardi, Brigitte Flouret, Emmanuelle Lesage, Dominique Maillet, Claire Michaut, Denis Penninckx, Xavier Ribeyre, Valentine Wakelam


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